Most women Over Fifty don’t like showing their arms.  In fact, the more I blog and meet all kinds of women, I find that some women in their 30’s and 40’s don’t like to show their arms.  Well, considering that this is such a widespread concern, it would be a genius idea for someone to come up with something you could wear underneath a dress so that you could make it have sleeves!! Well, guess what, that somebody is the maker of the Original BodyBlouse by Pam Thomas.  Here I am wearing a very simple off white Armani dress with, obviously, no sleeves. The length of the dress is perfect for an Over Fifty woman and the A-line shape is also forgiving if a woman carries her weight in her hips.   _MG_5222     _MG_5201 Now, in comes the Original BodyBlouse.  The blouse itself is gorgeous.  The bodice has lycra but not too much so that it is comfortable.  It holds you in, but it doesn’t feel like your intestines are going to explode. The arms are magnificent. They are sheer and have tuxedo cuffs with three elegant buttons. As you can see, I could wear this blouse out with the jeans that I have on in this picture. My jeans are high waisted, so if I were to wear it, I might want to tuck the blouse in to my pants. _MG_5289 Now here comes the Magic. Drum Roll please……     BLOG         blouse article     As you can see below, the cuff, as I mentioned earlier, is intricately designed. It is approximately 3 inches with cloth covered buttons, and it is really elegant.    sheer1   It’s up to you ladies. The lovely blouse is great alone or under any dress of your choice. The sleeves, are elegantly sheer and a bit “poofy”. This design element will add a bit of character as well if the dress you are wearing does not have too much else going on.  Looking over these photos, I think I like the dress better with the sleeves. The Original BodyBlouse by Pam Thomas gets an “A” rating from Fashion Over Fifty. For more information or to order your own, go to