How much fun to model for Lafayette 148 New York.  I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. Their styles are so classic.  Truly Ageless Chic. Every piece can stand on it’s own or can make a great piece to help create lots of different looks. There are basically no designers out there who make basic pieces like Lafayette AND they go all the way up to size 24. There is NO more stylish brand for Plus Women than Lafayette. So, no matter what your size, their clothes are cut so that you can find something to  hide “trouble areas” yet still appear stylish and feel beautiful. The three pieces selected were all the same shade of cream.  Going monochrome adds to the sophistication of any ensemble. Modeling for  an exclusive and sophisticated Designer like Lafayette 148 New York called for a special location.  In Southern California, there are so many wonderful spots, yet few know about the Westlake Inn in Westlake.  In fact, I had lived here over twenty years before I heard about it.  What a great secret too, so “shhhhhhhh”, don’t tell too many people!!! The Inn is located on acres and acres of land with over 5 restaurants, 2 pubs, and  other casual eating spots. Of course there are also formal areas for weddings and other special occasions. A beautiful man made lake is center most with inviting fountains that make it the perfect setting for any special occasion or just to hang out and relax.  Our photo shoot, needless to say, was calling to us from this lake. The serene surroundings made this photo shoot a very relaxing but inspirational one.

Not surprisingly, Spanish Architecture in it’s finest and most authentic form is what adds to the charm of the Westlake Inn. Spanish arches, wrought iron fences, and flowers abound. With such an abundance of lush flora, there  was hardly a spot not suitable for taking photos. Below we took advantage of the beautifully designed wrought iron that is a traditional craft of Spanish Architecture.



The  photos above were taken with the first ensemble, the skirt and bolero style jacket made of synthetic fibers.  The sleeveless blouse is 100% silk and the outfit together was very comfortable, even on this hot day that we shot.  The blouse can also be tucked in.  If you are wearing gold accessories,  a pretty gold belt would be great to break up some of the cream. The way it is worn here, is good if your problem area lies in the tummy  (which mine does). However if you have a slim waist with a smaller pooch, belting this would be a great option. As we kept walking we even found a vineyard. Could this place be any more beautiful? The architecture and abundance of beautiful natural locations was  breathtaking. We stayed much longer than we had planned because we couldn’t stop exploring.




All in all it was a beautiful day at a beautiful location where I got to wear beautiful clothes. How lucky can a girl get?  It doesn’t get better than this wonderful opportunity.

We ended staying until dusk, my favorite time of the day. The lighting and the mood makes this photo my favorite of this wonderful day.