On March 26, 2015 Lafayette 148 likely made history as the first designer to address Women Over Fifty.  The wonderful cocktail party softly introduced their Spring line which was geared toward the Woman Over Fifty who wants to remain stylish and classic. So many Women Over Fifty are confused about what is “appropriate” or “allowable” as they age.  This collection convinces women there are still lovely styles out there for them no matter what age or size. My small but vocal campaign on this blog Fashion Over Fifty and on my Facebook/Fashion Over Fifty page is paying off.  Perhaps the movement is slowly gaining ground on its own, however it is not fast enough for us Baby Boomers who have the most disposable income of any generation ever in the U.S,  which now comprises the third largest economy in the world. The past few years I continually scan department stores looking for fashions for us Over Fifties, since there is no magazine, advertiser or designer who specifically addresses the Baby Boomers.  I take photos of clothes that are Fashion Friendly and I speak with saleswomen all over!!

One day I started talking with Marcia at Saks in Chicago. She is the Brand Ambassador for Lafayette 148 New York. Not only did she not look her age, 71, but she was dressed so fashionably, I was intrigued. We must give credit and thanks to this wonderful visionary woman, Marcia (Mar-see-ah), who helps so many women Over Fifty style themselves so they not only look good, they feel good. She knows the frustrations that women feel about finding the right clothing but give Marcia a woman of any size or any age, and she will know what to do.  Especially with the Designer that she sells, Lafayette 148, which is so versatile. Marcia came up with a brilliant idea to hold an intimate event and address Women Over Fifty!! So she suggested to the Managers in New York the idea of having a cocktail party for “Women Over Fifty,”where they could see some of the new designs coming out for Spring that are so perfect for our demographic.

Lafayette 148 must be commended for recognizing the truth and importance of what Marcia was saying, and agreed!! The party took place at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue at 5:30-8:30 p.m. They kindly asked me if I would come as a “blogger” and representative ofWomen Over Fifty.  It was my honor and my pleasure. It is also SO exciting and rewarding that this designer is paying attention to our neglected sector of society. After all of the work I have done the past few years to wake the fashion world up, what a gratifying event. Here I am, slightly in shock, by the invitation that actually says “Fashion Over Fifty”.

I am dressed in Lafayette 148 from head to toe. I am wearing a lovely oatmeal colored charmeuse blouse and a great fitted white jacket that is part of the new Spring/Summer line. The pants are a soft cotton that may be ankle length on someone taller, but were very comfortable the entire evening.  They are perfect for a Spring or Summer evening. I received many complements on what I was wearing, and I have the amazing Regional Representative, Todd, for putting me together!

The guests arrived to a very festive atmosphere where two models were modeling different styles suitable for any age and almost any size.  (A great thing about Lafayette 148 is that they go up to Size 24W. There is not designer that I know of that would consider women over a Size 16, and even those sizes are hard to find.) Below is Elke a beautiful blonde model, 46 years old. Kudos to the organizers of the event for choosing the beautiful “mature” model. When I inquired if it was possible to get a model Over Fifty, I was told that their modeling Agency didn’t have one!!

This ensemble is Ageless Chic. The lovely black dress is made of handpicked textiles from Italy, as are all of Lafayette fabrics. Over Fifties tend to like their arms covered and waists wider. What a more perfect way to do this than to add this lovely black and white striped  jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. The other gorgeous model this special night was Colleen. Colleen is a more normal-sized model and a perfect representation of how women who are not “model thin” can look as stylish and sophisticated, if not more, than the model-thin woman who is not really a true representation of that average woman.

Who says you have to be skinny to wear all white/cream? This stunning cream silk ensemble is perfect for almost ALL sizes and ages. The long tunic top and the uniquely cut jacket make a very chic statement together. They drape loosely, hiding many of the common trouble areas, and the slacks are also loose but highly styled. Nothing is more sophisticated than a monochromatic look like this. And even better, the silk fabric makes it so sumptuous to wear. Meanwhile while the models were so gracefully sharing their styles with the guests, the guests enjoyed mingling with each other. Champaign and hors d’oeuvres were also served making all the Over Fifty guests feel special, which indeed they are.

It was also so nice to have 3 of my models from our Fashion Over Fifty Fashion show last December come out to further support the cause of Fashion Over Fifty and Women Over Fifty

All in all,  Congratulations to Lafayette 148 New York for acknowledging the Over Fifty Woman.   Their styles are Ageless Chic, and with a little bit of help from Stylists like Marcia, the Over Fifty woman will have no trouble finding something not only beautiful, but Classic. These are investment pieces that are timeless. What more could you want?  Thanks so much Lafayette 148 New York. It was such an honor to help YOU make history!!!