Women of all Ages LOVE Lanvin and He LOVES them. “Curves are Marvelous. Wrinkles are Hypnotizing. Why not just be happy with who you are?”

Number One Rule to Break: Ignore the Time of Day:
Why? “No one is in the same humor every morning or all day long.
When a woman’s clothes are in harmony with her emotions, she shines from within.”
 How about? 

Armani Prive for Daytime?

Number Two Rule to Break:  Don’t Dress Safe

Why? “Formulas are fine for baking a cake but not for looking amazing. Nowadays we all strive to be pragmatists, but what fun is fashion if there is no room to dream?”

How about?
Dior for anytime!!
Number Three Rule to Break: Let Your Accessories Dominate
Why? “Since women spend more on their shoes and jewelry and are more adventurous with their choices, they can indulge in the luxury of framing a simple, well tailored dress with a complementary extravagance.”
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Lanvin, by Elbaz himself


Number Four Rule to Break: Pick Fabrics That You Love 
Why? “It’s the material that allows a designer to create innovative silhouettes that are flattering to women…Experiment and you will find new sides to yourself.”
How About?
Carolina Herrera

This article inspired greatly from Bazaar December 2013, Article by Hal Rubenstein