Laurie Schur Reinvents her Career in her 50’s as a Documentary Film Maker. Her First Project,The Beauty of Aging, has helped shift our beliefs About People and Aging.

Women in their eighties are one of the fastest growing populations in America. Laurie Schur 

wanted a role model who she could admire since, after all, one day we will all be there, if we are lucky. After spending 25 years as a psychotherapist, Laurie took a documentary film class at UCLA extension. In her 50’s, Laurie began a new career doing documentaries and her first one: “The Beauty of Aging”

After doing her research Laurie found these amazing women who were not slowly slipping away, but rather, were living vibrant lives. These women were staying actively engaged in living despite life’s challenges. Laurie attributes their ability to accomplish this to : “Attitude, attitude, attitude. Creativity, relationships with people of all ages, and a variety of interests were key factors for these women”…”while genetics is a factor, lifestyle, attitude and active engagement in life are equally important. “

The first part of the project is a 35 minute short Greedy for Life. In this short, we are introduced to two wonderful women who tell their stories in a way that leaves all of us feeling good. It is a lesson to all of us that embracing life with such enthusiasm is contagious and that if we are lucky enough, maybe we can do the same thing. Another one of their secrets according to Laurie, “They allow for feelings without getting stuck in the upsets of life.”  I think that’s good advice no matter what age.

GREEDY FOR LIFE is an official selection for the Gero-Ed film Festival and is used as an educational and inspirational film on aging at universities and aging communities. Not bad for a second career, and think of all the good she has done for the world.  Great job Laurie.

The Beauty of Aging has its own Facebook page.