Yes, my 4th or 5th life really did begin Over Fifty, and there is no more interesting place to come alive than NYC!!! Out with my friend and photographer, Ori, we walked the city and found so many crazy things like this mural for example!! This is not such a great photo for Instagram but I can’t let it go to waste.

Even the man selling tours for tourists wanted to get in on the fun!!

We wandered around trying to find the best NYC scenes we could find. You can take a thousand photos and only end up with one good one.  We chose this one for Instagram

I am wearing a dress that I bought in Spain.  It is by Bimba and Lola, a great brand of clothing I would love to see come to the U.S.  How about those lips?

After this dress, I changed in to a more casual look for summer. The skirt is by Altazurra and the top is from London. If you haven’t been there, there is a very nice Department store called Selfridges.  They have a lower end line called Miss Selfridge and this top cost about $20.00. In the heat of NYC this August day, wearing a skirt and cami shirt was perfect.  For this ensemble, we headed to Central Park.

Honestly, there is no better place on a warm summer day to feel like you are living your dream than Central Park, NYC. There are days when I find blogging a bit isolating because most of the work is done alone with me on the computer. But, it’s days like these make it all worth while.

Well, time to go home after a great photoshoot with Ori.  We did some recording too, so it should be interesting to see how it all comes out.

It’s a wrap!!