Britain is beginning to grab hold of the idea that women over 50 are still about shining.  In fact, I will be writing and blogging with photos of the various things they are doing. Women in their 70’s and even 80’s are showing up in commercials and other advertisements. Just two days ago, I posted about China Machado, 83, another British style icon  The trend is also becoming more popular in Europe as well, which I will be updating as it happens. This article is from a British on-line journal. Come on United States, what is holding you up? Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.  When are we going to wake up?
The blue brought out the sapphire of her eyes. The high waist and chiffon bodice showed off a figure that is still enviably slight, despite a talent for baking the perfect Victoria sponge. The pearls gave her skin a certain sheen. No wonder then that at the National Television Awards in Britain , Mary Berry managed to outshine — in her own understated, subtle, polite way — every other female star on the red carpet.
She broke some rules, too: you know, the ones that say older women — and Mary is 77 — should never show their arms, wear colour or anything with a sheen.
Presumably, they should instead just stay at home, preferably knitting and wearing only embroidered, pastel twin sets from the Classic department of Marks & Spencer (Mary even uses fake tan, almost as improbable as being told she eats Tesco bargain basement burgers).
Last year, following her appearances on The Great British Bake Off, Mary became an unlikely fashion icon. She single- handedly caused a spike in sales of floral bomber jackets at Zara, likewise rose- covered blazers at Whistles.
The shock was not so much that a woman in her 70’s was shopping for trends at such fashion-forward stores, but that she was blatantly unafraid to be noticed. That she looked pretty.
That she was vital, passionate and hard- working when we are always being told older women are invisible, or belong in a care home, or at the very least out of sight.
Here was Mary, not just flying the flag for colour and print, but for the superannuated everywhere.
And, unlike most women on the red carpet, who dress only to show off how many hours they have spent in Pilates classes, Mary’s reason for dressing so jauntily and jazzily is very different: ‘On the baking show, I wanted to look summery, positive and encouraging. The summer was so wet and cold, I wanted to be warm, too. Above all, I always like to look approachable.’

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