How Michael Kors Made an Impression on Thanksgiving

A week before Thanksgiving Instagram announced that it would be selling advertising.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, Michael Kors was the first Designer to post on to Instagram. When everyone else is posting photos of turkeys and stuffing, how do you stand out?  You post the above picture and tack on some Thanksgiving message, like “Thinking of all of  you on Thanksgiving! #CelebrateWith….

This post received 66.3 thousand hits. The brand took advantage of the opportunity to stage their holiday theme. Their hashtag (#) CelebrateWith.. was used again the next day and garnered over 6 million impressions on Instagram alone.
The lesson: any brand can capitalize on the holiday season and find a unique way to engage with an eager audience who is preparing for a big purchase. In posting a photo that “stood out” he created a converstation which is always good for business!!!

Stay posted to find out how his sales went this holiday season.  I think they were big.