More Conducts a Beauty Search Every Year. Nearly 1500 women met the challenge and Four were picked as winners.

This is one of the finalists.

Making the most of her 70s

Evelyn Harris
Age 71
Why she feels more beautiful in her 70s
“I have lived a lovely, joyful, sad and magical life, and I feel that is reflected in my face. My son Josh, a Navy SEAL, died in Afghanistan five years ago, and we lost my two-year-old grandson, Beau, to a metabolic disease six years ago. But I’ve found so much happiness as the mother of three, a grandmother of two other boys and wife to my husband, Sam, who has been my wonderful, constant companion for 49 years.”

Why she loves living in the South
“Since 1975, I have lived on a farm in Lexington, North Carolina, a town where people care about one another and are not shy about saying it. What
a precious thing!”