NEW YOU Magazine, with its Fourth Issue, looks like a True Pioneer in Magazines. 

NEW YOU The Future of Beauty and Anti-Aging  is a brave new magazine  From the past 3  issues (I missed the first) it actually looks like it is geared to Women of Distinction, over that    certain hump, over fifty, or whatever you want to say euphemistically or not.  There is even a Medical Editor who is a physician, someone who actually knows what she is talking about in   terms of Anti-Aging. As a Registered Nurse, I can tell you that the topics and the information in  NEW YOU ARE relevant to the Aging Woman who is sick and tired of Bazaar and Vogue that act like we will stay 30 forever.  Stay Tuned.

***Caveat…Kris Kardashian is on the cover this month.  Not one of my favorite people, I don’t know about you. Anyway, she is nauseatingly photo-shopped (or photo-chopped as I like to call it.) I am hoping that was just a blip in poor judgement as again, I do not think she represents the mentality of the “conscious woman” of today who is over Fifty who wants to Age with Style and Dignity.