Selling clothes for her mom at a booth in the UK at the age of 12 was only the start of Nayna’s career in fashion that led to this great new line of clothing  perfect for women Over Fifty. Nayna’s family moved from Jamaica to the United Kingdom on  a “Hope” and a prayer.  Nayna began her real career in the UK in retail at Marks and Spencer, then went on to other retailers, and  back again to Marks and Spencer.  All the while, in the back of Nayna’s mind was a hope and a dream to do something bigger.

Nayna realized that there was an underserved demographic in the retail apparel industry.   Nayna’s vision became clearer as she grew older. Having years of experience and accumulated knowledge, she was able to fulfill her vision by creating apparel that is stylish, chic and classic.  It is designed specifically with the Over Forty woman and HOPE’s average customer is 58. Designers have historically shunned the Curvy and Over Fifty woman: however, Nayna has not only embraced them but she is  creating unique and uber stylish apparel that is great for every age and every size. YAY NAYNA!!!

Speaking from personal experience, the fabrics are amazing. The fabrics you will see here are light weight, yet very very sturdy.  There is an elasticity that “holds you in”, and yet, remains very comfortable.  The pieces almost  feel like lounge wear, yet the styling is chic and sophisticated.

Take this simple black jumpsuit. If you are a woman Over Fifty who does not mind showing her shoulders and arms, this is such a wonderful piece.  It literally slides on.  As you will see, this simple piece can be styled in so many ways. There is no reason to FEAR the jumpsuit either because the fit is flexible and can be pushed and pulled in whatever direction needed to flatter your assets or hide those things that are not such assets. Admittedly, I am thin, but I do have a tummy and no waist.  Belting it at the waist helps disguise this.

The fabric is so silken  that you can fold the top of the jumpsuit down and make it like a skirt. and it can be styled as such.  If you wear this piece as pants and skirt, you can put on a longer fitted shirt with a crop top which makes for another great Over Fifty look.   In this photo below, I have chosen to put a longer top over the skirt. This longer red top is another great basic piece from Nanya’s collection because of its versatility. This top can be worn with a longer cardigan, a shorter vest, or even an open shirt. Click here to shop! 

This diaphanous  cape is outstanding!!  Nayna’s vision and genius are all rolled in to this sheer cape of drama. It covers any and all “trouble spots”, and is unbelievably CHIC!  Click here to shop!!  


The opening in the back adds to the gossamer flow of this beautifully crafted garment. Whether you are  Under Fifty, Over Fifty, Curvy or not Curvy, this piece is a home run. I would wear this to the fanciest event and feel like a star!! Add it to your closet.  

.The other fabulous thing about HOPE is the versatility of the pieces. With simply two lush charcoal pieces; a criss- cross top and a straight skirt, a million different looks are possible. Below are three different looks, and I was just getting started. As I said above, my “go to” look usually includes a belt, sash, or something to cover my tummy.  The length of this skirt can be adjusted anywhere from mini to maxi. Here is a sophisticated mid-calf look; a very fashion friendly look not only for the Over Fifty woman, but any woman.  It is ageless chic.

This is a more sophisticated evening look with a pin at the criss-cross and the skirt a bit shorter. Click the picture below to shop their skirt!

Or then again, you can wear the skirt at Tea length and have a number of options.  Using that gorgeous red shawl that I was wearing above with the black jumpsuit is also a very dressy option. The link to this elegant cross top is

As you can see, there are a million and one ways to wear these phenomenal pieces from HOPE.  Aren’t we lucky that Nayna never gave up HOPE and continued to have the vision that she could do what she has done? At the present time you can purchase HOPE online at .  Boutiques in the UK carry it and Nayna is presently working with retailers in the US to bring it here.  Fear not, though, because you can purchase it online and it runs true to size. Honestly, everyone can afford one piece of this clothing.  If you try one piece, I guarantee you will want another!!  Keep me posted

Wendy Xox