It’s fun to be recognized by a retailer as an Over Fifty Blogger, and even more fun when I get to wear a great Layered Skirt reminiscent of the “hippie” days, that seemed so carefree and fun.  Notwithstanding that; this skirt though boho chic,  is even  more sophisticated dyed pattern in neutral taupe.  The skirt is called the Tempo Paris.

Then the question became what to wear with this great layered skirt.  A great rule of thumb for any age, is that the top and the bottom should be balanced. Generally, you don’t want both top and bottom to be loose and/or baggy. (It tends to make one look a bit heavier than they are). As this skirt is loose and flowing, I didn’t want anything that couldn’t be tucked in.  So this great Antonio Melani silk blouse with only one sleeve is a nice complement.  It adds a bit more sophistication and a nice balance to the long skirt. Both pieces are feminine and the two differing styles complement one another.

This fabulous Chanel belt borrowed from LuxMary  Handbags blends the two pieces in a contemporary fashion and definitely makes a statement. RED is the perfect pop of color to add to these neutrals as well. This wonderful red purse by Fendi, also borrowed from LuxMary Handbags, complements the red belt and completes the pop of colors.

Finally, the shoes.  These fabulous sandal/booties are a from Lord and Taylor’s private label.  If you don’t have a Lord and Taylor near you, you can find them at  They are usually very reasonably priced as well. The “bootie” feel is contemporary, yet with all of the straps, it has a slight boho chic vibe to it as well. Of course the tassels belong to almost every era.

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