You don’t have to be a fashion genius to figure out “what’s wrong with this picture”. I mean, absolutely no thought o r concern went into this article. All of the fashion magazines and social etiquettes tell us that as one becomes more “distinguished”, that it is best to tone down colors. Of course, if you are of Advance Style, the brighter the better, but we are hopefully trying to encourage more women to express themselves and not let society tell us what is right or wrong. This “all pink” Lanvin suit is way over the top. Even though Lanvin’s Elber Albaz says that:” Any woman, any age, should break all the rules”, I don’t think he would agree with this choice. Black slacks, or a black blazer instead of the all pink would be much more sophisticated and lady-like. I also think you have to be really TALL to carry off this bold monochromatic look. Then, whoever the Editor is, decides to put a photo of Helen Mirren in all pink to show that she would agree. I have seen hundreds of photos of Helen Mirren and I have to tell you this is one of the most unbecoming photos I have seen. She looks short and somewhat stocky. She doesn’t even look pretty, and she is so stunning. I say, “Fire this editor”. Please, there are so many of trying to advance the image of women over fifty; this is putting us back years!! Designer sandals, yes, even ones that are comfortable, are coming out this Spring. Isn’t that wonderful? These look a bit bulky but I would have to see them on; otherwise, they might bring a matronly look with them.

Okay, now for the Fabulous at Every Age for the ’70′s. YUCK!!! This Narcisco Rodriguez outfit for someone over 70 is the PITS!
Where to begin. I guess the pants. If you are going to have a color-block jacket, you do NOT have color-blocked and striped pants to go with it. You don”t have to be Anna Wintour to figure this one out. Don’t get me wrong, the pants are really cute-alone. Again, I think you have to be on the TALL-ish side to wear them, but someone in their 70′s could definitely pull these off. The jacket is also very stylish-alone. A white shirt with this for Spring would be lovely, or even a colored skirt. The same exact thing holds true for the Kenneth Cole vest, that they put together with the Les Copains pants. Separately yes. Black and white are a great color combination together, but whoever put this together, was not thinking of a 70 “and beyond” woman. In fact, I don’t think they were thinking at all. I will say one good thing however; the Roberto Cavalli shoes are cute! But, the picture of Marina Cicogna…she is a Countess in Italy and a producer. She is also stunning. Do you think they could have chosen a more miserable picture of her?

I say, “Fire the Fashion Editor” of this column, or at least get rid of the column altogether.
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