During Fashion Week there are so many parties, and going to them is so much fun because only in NYC do you find such unique and fabulous women who are Over Fifty. This party was held by a the Group called Curate IC. Most of these designers have shown at the Javits Center, and for one reason or another were not happy there. So these unique designers got together and created their own showrooms, so to speak. Right across from the Chelsea Market was their location.  It was right in the middle of everything so very convenient to attend. These ladies below are well known in the circle known as Advanced Style created by Ari Seth Cohen.

Famous in their own right, these ladies have carved out a niche for women Over Fifty and style. Below is Joyce from the Idiosynchratic Fashionistas. You can see how much fun she loves to have in styling herself.

The accessories are so much fun!! Fabulous hats and necklaces and other great statement pieces. I look so boring compared to them.

How cute is this couple?

So, if you are bored with your life, your style, or anything else, make your way to NYC.  You just never know who you will find, but it will never be boring.  Personally, these women are pioneers in throwing out the “Over Fifty” fashion guide to what you can and cannot wear.


Thanks so much ladies.