Blogging can be pretty lonely, so when blogger Sonia Lovett, from the blog Style Beyond Age, she was going to be in LA, we jumped at the chance to meet up and have some fun. Where else would two Over Fifty fashionistas meet but Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills? I also got a bonus, because Sonia brought her gorgeous daughter, Serena, with her. Serena is a stylist for television and celebrities and all things that pertain to Los Angeles. So, the 3 of us gals (I hope you don’t mind Serena that I include you as a gal with us “over fifties”) had so much fun learning about one another. All of us with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: the love of fashion!!

We even made a new friend, kind of, until we were stopped by security who told us we weren’t allowed to take photos in the store. I guess, Zara has knocked off one too many things, and pissed off a lot of retailers whom they copy!!  But, we assured her we were just friendly bloggers having fun with no intent to copy anything and then all of us had a great conversation. We then resumed taking photos and I got some great ones of Sonia and her beautiful daughter. Like mother like daughter. Both beautiful.

Then Sonia and I had some fun.  Up we went on the escalator while Serena stayed below to catch us coming down. It’s times like these when I really like blogging because meeting people who might never ordinarily meet and then goofing around Neiman’s, what could be better.

So, here we come. And, we have future plans, so stay tuned because I have a feeling with Sonia and her daughter there is a lot of creativity and fun!!  I can’t wait!! You must check out her blog because she is pretty, stylish and is a natural fashionista!!  I even made it out of there without buying a thing, but as you can see I left the two of them alone and they were headed to the shoe department.  Uh Oh!!