Over Fifty model, Camerone (Camie) Elise Parker, now MCCullouch, has turned her life, once filled with challenges, in to a Fairy Tale. Although Camie, is gorgeous with a smile that lights up a room, looking at her, you might think her life is perfect. However, no one has a perfect life, even Camie. She has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but; she is determined not to let it get her down, for even a second. She is also a very strong advocate and philanthropist for the MS Society.  Camie is one of the great things about blogging for women Over Fifty. It has given me the opportunity to meet, and even become friends with, some of the most inspirational women. Camie is one of these women and I am always so inspired when I am with her. 

Camie is beautiful, kind hearted, and very funny. So, it is no wonder that she finally met a wonderful man who appreciates her inner beauty as well as her outer.  This man, Robert, is truly her soul mate. Not only is Robert handsome, with wonderful children and a great mom, but as you will see below, he is as handsome as can be.  Being a doctor doesn’t hurt either. Their romance has been action packed! It has included exotic trips, spending time with family members, and purchasing a beautiful home in the red rocks of Sedona Arizona.

This is the view as your approach the home of the now Camie and Robert McCullogh.

The night before the wedding Camie had the out of town guests for dinner. Not a surprise, but everything was perfect!! The decorations, the food, and the music.

Even her friends are beautiful. This couple is one of Camie’s closest friends, and they are beautiful on the inside too. Not surprising, birds of a feather…You can feel the joy and love in their hearts that Robert and Camie have for one another in this picture. What a handsome couple indeed!

The next day many friends and family arrived for the big day of the wedding. The setting was perfect. Multi-colored flowers adorned just about everything.

Even this cake was adorned with the most beautiful hand made flowers, crafted by a very talented artisan. No detail was forgotten.

On September 23, 2017, Camie and Robert walked themselves down the aisle to the sacred place where they would be married. The wedding was outdoors amongst the red rocks, the perfect spiritual environment for the union of this special couple.

Indeed, the union of this awesome couple even looked like a Fairy Tale.  Their pastor, a wonderful young man, who was very close to Robert’s family, led the ceremony that was so genuinely touching.  Camie and Robert read their own vows to each other. The vows were unbelievably moving, almost to tears. Maybe when you get married later in life, you really know what love is, and you know when you have found it. An inspiration for everyone.

I got the goosebumps when I saw Camie turn around after the ceremony.  I have never seen her so happy.  It truly is a Fairly Tale ending and beginning.  I look forward to seeing what these two wonderful people create together!!

Welcome to your new lives Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCullouch. I was so honored to be a sacred witness to this union.  I wish them  many years of joy, love and laughter,, wherever on earth that may take them.


Wendy Xox