Model, Actress, Philanthropist, Public Speaker, and you name it, Camerone (Cami)  Parker McCulloch received the “Edith Head Style and Goldie Award” in early March in Tucson Arizona. Cami, is an unbelievable role model for every woman of every age. When Cami was modeling for beauty brands, and on the runway, she was diagnosed with MS. Afraid to tell anyone for fear of not getting hired for future jobs, Cami kept her diagnosis a secret for 10 years. She summoned her courage and finally came out with the secret that she was carrying around for so many years. She has helped show women of every age what it’s like to persevere in the face of adversity, yet how to have the courage not to hide. In the years since Cami shared her diagnosis, she has been honored by the MS society for all that she has done for bringing awareness about the disease including; donating her time and resources to many philanthropic events, and more importantly, becoming a public speaker where she has speaks about how she carries on despite the diagnosis. One can not help but admire Cami for her courage and bravery. Not just for persevering in the face of adversity, but also for helping others along the way.

The Invisible Theater is located in Tucson Arizona. A huge presence in the theater is Susan Claassen, who is also a full time actress who channels the famous designer Edith Head in an uncanny way. Susan is the creator of “A Conversation with Edith Head” and she tours the country helping to enlighten the world on all of the wonderful things Edith did.

Congratulations to Cami for these well deserved awards. You are an inspiration to every woman with your affable demeanor and wonderful smile no matter what obstacles are in your way.  We could all learn something from you, that’s for sure.