There are many women today who are throwing out the old rules of dressing form women Over Fifty, however there is a breed of Muses who beat to an entirely different drummer. These muses in NYC, and now around the US, prove that creativity in dressing never dies. Though their style is not for everyone, they sure are fun to talk to and to watch. For example, this lovely woman is not dressed in a costume, this is how she dresses everyday. She must go to great lengths each morning to select all of the accessories because it takes me a while just to pick out jeans and a T-shirt

Many of these women have been discovered by the author Ari Seth Cohen, who has captured many of these lovely people who find such joy in creating their style every morning

And it’s not just women either, men are also in on this “creative and avant guard way of dressing.  It took this many a couple of days to make these pants by himself. Looking at all the zippers and loose ends, you can tell it took many hours to create these unusual pant.s

Obviously, talking with the people who take the time, effort and love to dress in such elaborate and creative ways, is very interesting. Many of them have been dressing this way for many many years and it is not just some new trend for them.

It’s hard to interview these people because you know that behind each thread, each strand of hair, or each hat, there is a story.  One could spend hours talking with these fascinating people. Besides, who wants to talk when you can have so much fun just looking at each well thought out accessory or strand of hair.