The Palm Springs Follies Stars Men and Women between the Ages of 56-81

Since 1990, the Palm Springs Follies has been an unbelievably refreshing and entertaining attraction. The show is not only high caliber, including spicy burlesque but the most surprising fact  is that the cast is composed of men and women between the ages of 56-81. The entertainment includes music, dancing, and comedy of the the ’40’s, ’50’s and ’60’s. These performers are really naturals because, after all, they were around back then.

The Plaza Theatre in Palm Springs is home to the Follies, and a better venue there could hardly be. This historic theater opened back in 1936 and has long been a venue of choice for a variety of events and performances, not to mention an array of world premiers. The musicalMy Fair Lady was among the world premiers that was held there, for example. During the 1940s, the Plaza Theatre in Palm Springs was used for radio broadcast shows that featured the likes of Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Freeman Gosden, and Charles Correll. Gosden and Correll, for those who might not know, were responsible for writing and performing the popular Amos ‘n’ Andy sketches.

Unfortunately, the recession of 2008 has taken it’s toll on the Theatrical Performance.  According to the 2012 National Endowment for the Arts, live theatrical attendance has taken the biggest hit among all cultural categories. The co-founders, Riff Markowitz and Mary Jardin say:”they really have no other option than to close our doors. Our half-houses of the past years, while still over 400 patrons per show, are insufficient to support the caliber of show the Follies has always delivered.” The follies having been their lives for the past 23 years is not only heartbreaking to them, but to the entire community. 

So, as the final curtain call approaches in May, 2014, doesn’t anyone have a few million extra dollars they would like to donate?  Pretty Please… where else can you really see how alive people are in to their 80’s.