Soft Surroundings pulled out all the stops for me on this wonderful day in May when they so graciously invited me to come and play “dress up” in their Flagship store located in St. Louis.  I was styled in this  outfit in a loose orange T-shirt with beautiful embroidery. I was also styled in these great white cropped pants, great for the summer months at the beach, or just casually getting around.  The sandals are the bomb, so cute with multi-colored pom poms, and comfortable too. that purse next to me on the chair, also very cute.

The choices in accessories at Soft Surroundings are also incredible; hats, purses, shoes, you name it.  I love hats, so I had to try this one and pretended that I was going to the beach that day, even though it was rainy and cold!! If you do go in to a shop near you, (and there are  53 throughout the US, and counting) be prepared to spend at least an hour looking at all of their accessories as well as clothing.

Soft Surroundings in St. Louis also carries local artists who make jewelry and other personal items for women.  Their philosophy includes helping other women to obtain exposure and succeed.  They have some very talented artists with beautiful jewelry which I am trying on here.

We  came to the consensus  that this beautiful little bird would look wonderful with what I was wearing and that was great because that was my favorite one as well. 

Thanks again Soft Surroundings, Lauren and Jessica, for treating me like a queen for the day.  Women Over Fifty will certainly be excited to see all of the exotic and interesting items you carry for All AGES and all SIZES.  Not just mine.

Readers, STAY TUNED!!  There is more.  Next, at Soft Surroundings, we try on HAIR, which is a good thing because I am losing mine!



Love,  Wendy Xox