Ralph and Ricky Lauren , A Couple who Inspires All of Us to Dream About Our Own Soul’s Journey
Many hours I spend at book stores combing through Fashion magazines from Italy, France, England, Australia,or wherever to see if I can find ANYONE who looks over 30.  This past weekend, I was at Barnes and Noble for at least 2  hours and the only photo that caught my eye was that of Ralph Lauren with his wife, Ricky. In the article, he basically gives most, if not all of the credit to his success to Ricky. Unabashedly, he states that he doesn’t know where he would be without her. And, there was a gorgeous picture of Ricky, who now must be at least in her late 60’s and probably close to her ’70’s

Ralph has designed and created a handbag which he has named the “Ricky out of deference to his lovely wife.  It struck me as how odd it  was to see the marriage of two such high profile people that has lasted as long as theirs, since 1964 ( that’s almost 40 years).  But more than that, there was a photo of Ricky, a beautiful woman, not young, with whom he is still so madly in love. It was such a stark contrast from all of the other magazines I had been perusing where EVERY woman was young.

Ricky is not trying to “look young”, and is not wearing clothes that are “too young” for her. It piqued my interest and so, I downloaded some photos of Ralph and Ricky so that I could 

put on my blog an elegant woman who is stylish, fashionable and not “young.” She and Ralph look so happy together.  It made me sad that all we ever really see is something like  the National Enquirer pointing out someone’s cellulite, or some other flaw. 

One of the things I do with my clients as a “light worker”, or as a “Shaman in training” is: I try to envision my client’s soul on it’s “epic journey” in this life time. In other words, I try to help my client create a map, not in the mind, but in their soul, of their purpose in this lifetime. This is not about being a designer, or being rich, or even famous, but it is about feeling that you are fulfilling the dreams you born with. This picture left me with the feeling that these two people have created their dreams in this lifetime, and isn’t that what all of us really want ?  Rarely do we get this from our media.  But here, we have: a couple together out of love. You can feel that Ralph is respectful of his wife who may be  “getting older” but you can feel that he feels she is just as beautiful, if not more. We also see a woman who is aging and yet still so sophisticated, beautiful and comfortable with herself. And yes, she is wearing beautiful clothes that are highly fashioned and she still looks elegant.