Selfridge’s Starts A wonderful Campaign, “BRIGHT OLD THINGS” to Showcase Older Adults who have reinvented themselves.  Each Person Gets their own Window Display on Oxford Street!! Every year Selfridge’s, in London, has an annual talent showcase called Bright Young Things. This year, however, Selridge’s has wisely chosen people ranging from their forties to mid-eighties who have undergone a retirement renaissance and struck out in to a completely new field. Some of the people who have given up their life long careers are: Molly Parkin, a former fashion editor; and Tim Bushe, a former architect; and of course, Sue Kreitzman, who has become one of the Fabulous Fashionistas.

Each person  has been given a dedicated Oxford Street Display Window, where willing passersby will be able to see how brilliantly they have recreated themselves. Sue Kreitzman,  has her own line of jewelry. You can see Molly Parkin painting. Tony Gibson, a former product designer will be broadcasing “Earth News for Space”, a vlog series where he explains life on Earth to extra-terrestrials.

This is Sue Kreitzman’s line of eccentric jewelry and other odds and ends.

Kudos once again to our neighbors over the pond for embracing Aging. After all, if you are lucky enough, everyone will get there. These wonderful people are a great inspiration for all humanity, not just Baby Boomers.  It gives young people something to think about too!! Wouldn’t it be nice if the U. S. started doing things like this!!!