The Pioneer’s of Embracing  the Beauty of Gray and Silver Hair: The Silver Sisters.  These  women are on the Frontier of Helping all Women Embrace who They Are with Pride, Including their Age.
On October 25 and 26, 2013, the Silver Sisters held their 4th annual meeting in Chicago. These lovely women convene in all ages with one thing in common; they embrace their natural gray and silver hair.  The founder, Diana Lewis Jewell, is also an author of the book Going Gray, Looking Great!
The event is officially sponsored by Jhirmack, creators of hair products for natural silver hair. In my opinion, Jhirmack is to be given an award for creating a product and marketing it to a huge demographic all over the world.  I have very curly hair.  In the 1980’s I went in to hair salons asking for products for curly hair and people looked at me like I was crazy. I was lucky to find one.  It was usually the straightener which contained LYE, yes LYE, which burned the heck out of my scalp.  The only thing I was supposed to do was straighten it so I could be like everybody else.
Finally, in the early ’80’s  I decided I would embrace my curls.  A lot of people looked at me like I was weird.  Then, all of a sudden, somewhere in the 90’s, it started to become more popular. At that time, I could find about 3 or 4 products.  Soon, people were complementing me and telling me how lucky I was to have curly hair. Sure, I thought, where were you 15 years earlier when I couldn’t find any products and it was weird, and NOT COOL? Today there are so many products, I don’t know where to start!!!
I hope you see where I am going with this!! Jhirmack is finally helping women to embrace who they are and to optimize their natural beauty, which I was not encouraged to do until I was in my 30’s!!  I doubt that was really their motive (yes, I am cynical) but at least there was somebody at the Top with some brains. Yes, 10,000 people reach the age of 65 each day. The Boomers are the largest demographic and have the greatest amount of financial capability to influence the market; however, you would never know it looking at Fashion Magazines!! Wouldn’t it be nice if one of the Fashion Magazines used models with Gray hair?  
There are many sociological studies(see my earlier blogs) about our society’s obsession with youth and the alienation women start to feel as they are no longer considered “feminine”.  It is about time that this movement takes hold and begins to have momentum. I believe that the Silver Sisters should be thanked so gratefully by all women, whether they have Gray hair or not. I hate to break it to you, but even if all women don’t get Gray, they do get old!!!
Last, kudos also to the stylists that participated. George Bruno who demonstrated hair styles for silver hair; Marcus Geeter who offered quick and easy makeup tricks; and a fashion show styled by the acclaimed stylist Arden Reece and featured clothing from Neiman Marcus.  I grew up in Chicago and I am so sorry that I missed this event!!  This is the start of a bigger movement ladies. I encourage you to do as I did with my curly hair, embrace whoever you are with love!! Eventually other people will too.