Why did these gorgeous, brave readers agree to pose in their undies? To inspire you to feel good about your body.

Joann Abranowicz, 52

“I’m a runner so I love that my body makes me feel strong. I started when I had my children, because it was easy to just grab the sneakers and go. Now I’ve done four marathons and 21 half-marathons. So even after two kids I feel pretty good about my body. I think I’m in better shape now than I was in high school!”

Barbara Chen, 60

“I’ve always felt like I had a pretty good body. But would I have posed in my underwear when I was 25? Probably not. Now I think about the younger girls I know who really aren’t confident in their bodies. I decided to go for it to inspire them. If you smile, you’re beautiful no matter what. Even at 60 with no clothes on.”

Manon True, 55

“It’s more than feeling good about your body — it’s feeling good about yourself, inside and out. It does take a lot of work to really like yourself and be able to look past the imperfections. It can take years. But I’m so happy with my body at this age, I wouldn’t want to go back. It’s so much smoother sailing, even with a little tummy.”