There are few designers more Fashion Friendly for the Over Fifty woman than Stella Carakasi.  It is my honor to model in what has now become a Biannual event. In late September, Stella hosted 10 lovely women representing diversity in age, size, and color, to walk the runway in her Berkeley Warehouse .The past two shows, Stella has honored me with producing the show and directing the models.  Directing the models is the most fun, because in keeping with Stella’s philosophy, and mine, she wants all women to feel beautiful. So, not only do I encourage the models to smile and engage with the audience, but I actually practice “hamming it up.”

This year the models did just that.

Here are three of our stellar models before the show, and having fun. Because of severe fires in the area, several models could not make it, so I planned  extra fun things for the audience. The models were so on board.

Meet Over Fifty model, Valerie.  Valeri is an actress and you can feel how comfortable she is in front of the camera. She is just radiating such great energy, she looks fabulous, as do the clothes.

This of course is me, Wendy from Fashion Over Fifty. This is my fierce look. Just having been at NYFW, the dour look on most of the models was contagious.  I forgot to smile!!

This is Linda, another Over Fifty diva, and accomplished woman. She is just beaming and looking stunning in that yellow tunic top with the wide legged pants. She is showing her stuff and I love how she is taking off the jacket for everyone to see her full ensemble.

Meet Julia, another Over Fifty diva. Julia, like me, is a petite mature woman. Yes, it is unfair, but petite women can wear a broader variety of clothing because most clothes are made for women between sizes 0-12.  Here Julia is wearing a fabulous sweater with leggings. The detail in the sweater, along with her gray hair and chic glasses, makes for a very Chic look for the mature woman Over Fifty.

Though not Over Fifty, this is Naniette, who has such a great presence.  She has a killer smile, and it does make the clothes look better when the model looks happy, don’t you think?

Because we had some models who had to cancel, we entertained the audience with a few duo runs.  Here Julia and Naniette are walking together, adding some spice and fun to the show. They look good considering we just met a few hours earlier.

Each of us modeled 2 ensembles. This ensemble that I am wearing is easy but chic.  The top is not just a cape. It is a cape with sleeves. How clever is that?  Don’t you love the faux leather leggings too? What a great statement this outfit makes and it couldn’t be easier to throw on if you are going out.

Aha, I am finally smiling. It took me a while to warm up for a couple of reasons.  I was directing and modeling.  It’s hard!!  Now I can really appreciate actors who direct and star in a movie.  It’s not easy.

Meet Ruby, another Over Fifty diva.  Ruby is looking hot in this Ruby colored jacket with black basics. You can’t tell from the photos, but the fabric Stella uses on these jackets is extraordinary. This cropped jacket is also great for women who have challenges with the waistline, like most of us do Over Fifty. The all black beneath the crop is a great disguise for issues in the middle.

The finale with all of the models. Every model did a terrific job. As amateurs, they were very impressive, but most all, everyone had fun.  Well, I was a bit nervous, but I so enjoyed watching everyone else have fun. I am getting to know the business of fashion show production a bit better.

So long divas!!