For any  mature woman Over Fifty who thinks she can’t add some fun Street Style to her wardrobe, it is easier and more budget friendly than you may think.  Blogging  as I do, my sense of style has naturally expanded.  This Balmain hoodie, for instance, would probably not have interested me if I had not seen so many younger bloggers and street wear personalities wearing this designer.

Immediately when I saw this hoodie, I felt a challenge coming on!!   I saw the price though, and had to say “never mind”. However, as I was leaving, the saleswoman stopped me and suggested that I try the Boy’s Size 14. Sure enough. Saved $600 and came out spending less than $200. Not all women can fit in to this small size, but it is a lesson in thinking outside the box. We all need to do this!! After all, that is where we grow!!

Rest assured, nothing else that I am wearing cost more than $44.00. The velveteen leggings are from Uniqlo, and believe it or not,  only cost $14.99!! (They have a matching top for $9.99). Talk about a find on a budget.  If you like this, run to your nearest store!! The adorable velveteen belt with pearls, is from Zara, for $35.00. Lastly, these velveteen shoes with an ankle tie are from Lord and Taylor’s own brand 424 Fifth (which is their address in NYC, and which they recently sold, just heartbreaking). The shoes, on line now, are $44.00.It is now cold in Chicago, where I am.  So, I added this coat, not really a part of this outfit, but it matched so well,  I bought this last summer in Peru and it is baby alpaca. No, they don’t kill the alpaca for the wool.

And there you have it. The pants, belt and shoes total under $100.00. The 3 pieces could not be budget friendlier. If you have a cute hoodie you like, you DON’T have to go out and buy anything Designer!!!  The pattern itself is what makes this,  and the designer’s name is barely visible.  So go out there and find a cute hoodie with some fun colors.  Make yourself an ensemble and send it to me.  I will post the best one!!  Have fun.

Here are some other great items from Balmain that you might like.  These blazers are phenomenal, if your budget permits.  Otherwise, there are some T shirts and sweatshirts.  Notice that the same black sweatshirt is 2 different prices.  This is to show you that if you search the internet, you will be able to find something you love, but you need to do your research. Many times you will be able to find your item at a lower cost.