Stylish, AND Comfortable Boots for Fall!!

At the end of last winter, I had blisters all over my feet from the different winter boots and shoes I had been wearing. I was at Macy’s and I happened to see a cute pair of boots.  Lo and behold they were made by Clarks.  I thought to myself, “FINALLY”.  Finally, a boot that is cute AND comfortable.  I nabbed a salesperson and requested my size in a fervor.  It was the end of the season and I had missed out.  Therefore, this year, I am on the scout early.  For those of you who want comfortable boots with style, there are a lot out there, thank goodness.  Below are some of them, but I will continue to add on as I find more.  Caveat, I haven’t tried them on, I am going only by brand, which tout themselves as comfort shoe experts.  Please let me know what you think if you try them and like them or don’t like them so I can pass it along. 


Alfani is Macy/Bloomingdales’s own brand.  This boot has:
– a padded insole
-Step N Flex extra cushioning at heel and ball of foot
-rubber out-sole for extra flexibility
-cost about 70.00 right now on sale


This is the high-top version good for the winter months and for tucking in your jeans.

These are the mid-calf version.  These are good for fall and also for tucking in pants or with leggings.  Leggings of course should be worn only with a top that goes to the bottom of the butt or lower ladies!!!

Born boots have:
-Opanka construction.  A European technique of hand stitching the entire shoe in a single process allowing more flexibility and comfort.

-more costly


These are a Mid-Calf version. 

Ankle- boots

-are the comfort wear pioneer in shoes and boots
-cost about 250.00, but they are sold at Macy’s so chances of finding a good coupon are good.

                                   Giani Bernini

Giani Bernini have:

-breathable footbed
-shock abosorbing foam
-memory foam heel
-flexible rubber out-sole
-cost only about 110.00

These are my favorite.  They can be worn with opaque stockings as shoes or boots. They are the lightest in weight and I think the most sophisticated looking. And, they are very well priced. I am not done looking, otherwise, I would buy these.