On Monday night, October 3, Westfield celebrated the opening of a new concept in Malls aimed to please all generations, even the Millennials. Westfield started out in Australia with one mall and has grown to be a huge player in shopping malls both in the US and around the world. The opening of Century City is very special because it is a visionary space that does not just include shopping, but also entertainment of all types; a large variety of restaurants; and more. It is now a Destination in its own right.

Of course I had to dress in red to match the logo and theme of Westfield. Actually, it was just by chance. I love this dress by Chiari Boni. The material is great for keeping things in place, which is great for the mature woman Over Fifty. I also happen to love the designer Chiari Boni from Italy and was fortunate enough to attend his fashion show in NYC this past Fashion Week. I own TWO of his dresses and will try to wear the other one at another special event, not that I have that many to go to.

Westfield for my family has also been like a family. Our husband and father, Rory, has worked there for over Thirty years. He has had wonderful opportunities and has been an integral part of the organization.  My two sons also did two summer internships at Westfield which have helped further them in their careers. To say that I am grateful to Westfield on a personal level would be an understatement. Nonetheless, as objective as I can be, this new “Space” called a Mall is like nothing I have ever seen. Bur more about that later.

This Gala was so filled with great energy,, you could physically feel the excitement. The moment you enter, you are escorted by young men in red with red lights directing you to the main area!!

Many decorative stations were located throughout the mall, like the one below. Of course, I could not miss the opportunity for a Photo Op!

Why would I miss a chance to ham it up while standing in front of a red car when I am wearing a red dress.

But, food, drinking and mingling weren’t all that was exciting in this fabulous venue.  Yes, you can see who performed. The Village People!!!  I was front and center, so that I could get photos, and I have to say, it was so much fun. “Y” “M” “C” “A”…

I guess I must have looked like I was having a great time because the one of the band members came down in to the audience and handed out Indian Head dresses and Police hats.  Guess who got a Police hat?

See you at the Mall!!  It’s not just about shopping…