“Each Ingredient of Suzanne Organics has to be grown organic, extracted organically and nothing upwind or downwind of the product can be toxic to contaminate it.”

 Suzanne Somers’ bout with breast cancer  propelled her into dedicating her life to health and wellness. After her unconventional, but successful battle with the breast cancer, Suzanne has been committed to to researching and promoting healthy, organic, and toxic free living.

According to Suzanne:” One day it dawned on me…I go out of my way to eat organic, grow my own organic food, clean my house with organic products,.. and I am undoing all that good by putting toxic chemicals on my skin like cheap self-tanner. The skin is the largest organ in the body and under a microscope, our pores look like billions of little “holes”. Into these pores go all the toxins from the environment and the products we put onto our skin. Eventually these toxins end up in our system.”

Ms. Somers  teamed up with Clark’s Nutrition in Southern California to make a skin care and cosmetics that are not just organic, but, toxic-free! She asserts that: “the line is for all people who have awareness that the environment is wreaking havoc with our health and that all adds up. Maybe starting with skin care and organic products is the gateway to changing your health and lifestyle.

Despite how wonderful Ms Somers makes this product out to be I would be a bit cautious about going out and buying a lot of it because there is no medical backing on the products. Searching the internet, I haven’t seen any testimonials on how the product works, although it is sold on QVC and there are plenty of reviews by the customers who have purchased her products. Are the customers of QVC and their reviews a good substitute for Empirical studies?  I don’t know.  If you try it, let me know.