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This is an up-front and personal look at the effects of Botox. Call me brave or call me crazy, I wanted to show you, my followers, how effective it can be. I give my Doctor a dollar amount and tell him that he can inject wherever he wants ,but that is my limit. So, here you can see what I get for 400 bucks!!! I do this every four months so it’s about $1,200.00 a year. My Doctor is the best. His name is Lawrence Osman and he is located in Woodland Hills, Ca.

WORTH EVERY PENNY, don’t you think???

There are now other products to use besides Botox. There is Dysport, which lasts longer, and I guess one could even do a facelift. For your information, the makers of Botox, Allergan, know that there are other alternatives out there, so they have started a program called Brilliant Distinctions which gives you reward points after so many units of Botox. If you are interested, you can Google Brilliant Distinctions to see what the latest incentive package is being offered. One tip for those who are wanting to try Botox. It is not uncommon for women to want the eyebrows lifted, which not only makes you feel like someone just opened the shades and light is pouring in your eyes;
but, it also gives you a very startled and unnatural look, I think. It leaves you with no ability to move your eyebrows or at least some of the forehead. So, in my opinion, I would save money and the appearance of “overly Botox-ed” and not have the eyebrows and forehead lifted.