The night after I arrived in Alicante was the Festival, Bonfires of St. John. It is celebrated in Spain and Portugal around the summer solstice, as it was believed that once the sun headed south, demons would appear. Bonfires were set to keep the evil spirits away.  I was so fortunate to experience this wonderful festival and true Spanish culture.

Today, Bonfires of St. John is a happy celebration and the town is filled with elaborate decorations like you see below. People get dressed up in costume and there are parades everywhere.

Traditional Spanish food is called Paella. This is a seafood Paella which will feed the many people here to celebrate. It is made with rice and sometimes just with vegetables or other ingredients.

About 10 years ago I remember going to a party in Los Angeles and having my first Mojito. Well, Mojitos have been popular in Spain for a very long time.  What took it so long to get to the United States? Here is a station just for Mojitos!!

Churros are also popular in Spain. Probably not one of the healthiest things to come to the U.S. from there!!

The women and children dress in costume.

I had to run ahead of this little girl so that I could get her photo!! I am so glad I did. She is beautiful

What a great first day in Alicante.  Beverly didn’t come with me, so there are not photos of me.  Next time.