Prabal was born in Singapore but raised in Nepal. He went to an all boys Parochial school where he was ostracized for being different. He eventually found solace in drawings and accepting that he was different. His mother tells him that he was always interested in sketching and the way she would dress. He was fascinated with beauty.

In his 20′s he moved to New York and was accepted at Parson’s. He did his first internship with Donna Karan and then Cynthia Rowley. He then moved to Bill Blass where he stayed for five years as the design director where he really learned the craft.

The best thing about Prubal Gurung is his fascination and respect for women. He respects our layers and layers of complexities (wow, a man respecting this, how refreshing!). His inspiration is always women. He” just loves them” perhaps because he grew up with a single mother who was so strong and led with her integrity. He doesn’t like women looking silly. (Thank you Prabal). The one thing he knows as a universal truth is that all women want to look beautiful. He considers his job to make women’s lives slightly better, even if it’s just for a moment.

Prabal is not only a champion of women looking good, but he is a champion of women who stand for something important. He has his own Website “PG” and recently started a Blog called the Monday Muse, which is his “Ode to Women”. He likes women in power. A woman who is influential, whether as a mother, a CEO, or whatever. Check out the Blog. He celebrates women of substance. Now if only all designers would think this way, maybe we could really start to see a shift in the superficial values of today. Congratulations to Prubal for being a Role Model for all Men and All Designers