Alyson Walsh, British Blogger of  “That’s Not  My Age”

Alyson Walsh has been blogging about fashion for the over forty for at least six years. The name for the blog reflects that great British “humour”;  when you become a certain age, denial sets in along with wrinkles and a handful (slew?) of other things. Her goal is to provide an alternative to women over forty who aren’t permanently Botoxed or embarrassingly trying to look younger than their own children. 

She has received a tremendous amount of press, including being a presenter at the recent Mirror Mirror(see my Blog of November 10, ’13) conference held at the London College of Fashion in October. Easy Living Magazine described her blog as a snappy one “that celebrates the creed, style begins at 40, :the spirit of which we like very much.  Part amateur Sartorialist-esque, street photography, part cultural commentator and part gossipy fashionist there is much here for anyone interested in fashion-of any age.  We love it.”   

In 2012, she was mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar alongside blogs like Advanced Style (Ari Seth Cohen) and the The Women’s Room, which champion the fact that older women matter. She argues convincingly that men and women” who grow up with an interest in fashion and style don’t suddenly bulk buy eltasticated- waist slacks the moment they turn 40. Or have any use for the latest Rihanna-inspired crop top. To paraphrase Chanel, there’s nothing more aging than trying to desperately to look young.”

What I say, 40 ain’t nothin’!!!  Even at fifty some women peak. In the United States, I really see that women in their forties who take care of themselves, still look young.  It’s when you start to hit the mid to late fifties that no matter how well you took care of yourself, the past fifty-something years, the changes start coming!!  I want to see what Alyson says when she gets about a decade older. 
Anyway, Alyson’s rules for fashion when you hit forty are as follows:

“Not so long ago, she gave a talk on Ageless Style and this is how she summed up what grown-up women really want from fashion:

1. We want to look good for our age. 
2. We are more discerning now than when we were younger. So we invest wisely in clothes that are modern, chic and made to last.
3. We don’t want to look like we’re trying too hard to keep up. Desperation is never a good look.
4. Women want to see clothes (and other products) on models that reflect their age and size and race.”

I TOTALLY AGREE  and this goes for every age, whether 40 or 100!!