Welcome ladies to an event that will change your life.  Even if it is just in an itty bitty way, you will gain more confidence and become more aware of your posture, your gait, and how you present yourself to the world.  This is so special for women Over Fifty, because no one seems to consider us seriously. Well, those days are over.  As women Over Fifty, we plan to become a force to be reckoned with!!

Here we are on our first day of practice. So excited because we don’t know what is coming!!  Practice is about to begin.
 Our wonderful Runway Coach, Mark David Carter, is amazing. He knows how to make every woman feel comfortable and beautiful. His style is so amazing, once the women get the hang 
of it, it starts to feel more natural, but there will be sore thighs the next day, that’s for sure.
This modeling is not about pouty faces, either, like the ones we see on 
the runway today. This show is not about the clothes, 
though you will be amazed to see how wonderful the women
look and how there are so many clothes for women Over Fifty, but no one helps us learn how to style. Mostly,  this is about helping women Over Fifty step out of the
shadows that society has unknowingly placed on us 
for so long.  
Those days are now over!!
Most of the models arrived on the first day wearing black, and heels, as instructed. Introductions were made and we had so many women from different backgrounds, and ages, but one thing in common; and that was to feel better about themselves and have some fun.
 Here we are at another rehearsal day!  It isn’t as easy as it looks!  
Five days later, we are at rehearsal in Bloomingdales.  Most of the outfits have been selected and Mark is teaching the ladies how to enter and exit at the Fashion Show. Their confidence has grown so much in just five days. Now the modeling techniques are starting to make sense.  It all starts to come together at rehearsal.  This is one more time to pull it all together and the excitement is building. The ladies by now have developed a camaraderie and support one another. When one model does a good job, everyone claps.  There is such a buzz in the air, because it is a triumph not just for that woman, but for all women Over Fifty. There is no competition, only collaboration.

The ladies have had their makeup done by the professionals at Bloomingdales.  Their foundations and facial products were provided by Armani. Armani is known for its foundations because of the illuminating effects. Illumination deflects finer lines. These women are definitely illuminating.  The eye makeup was done by the professionals at Nars and the ladies looked runway ready!

Meet the stylist, at only 23, John Liptak. The women felt so comfortable finding their own style with John and he deserves a lot of credit for helping to select 32 ensembles for this show. Fashion Over Fifty is indebted to John for his vision and his presence

Susan at 61, loves trying new things. She dances in a professional group and feels that now is the time to fulfill those dreams we had since we were kids. What little girl doesn’t dream of being a model or a ballerina? Susan is getting her chance to do both in her Sixties. It is never too late.

Kay found us through a Senior Citizen locale that offers so many opportunities to seniors, including classes, and other activities to keep seniors engaged and not isolated.  Kay loved the camaraderie of the entire experience and forgot how shy she was as a youngster.
She went out there and let her inner self shine!!


Marilyn is having a blast.  Shy?  Who me?  Not a chance. It looks  as if she has been waiting to do this forever.  Her inner and outer selves are shining and she looks stunning.

Could Doris look any happier? Her  gorgeous hair and the black dress are a smashing combination. What a hit she made, and you can see how the audience is glued to her!!

Cathy jumped at the chance to be in the show and we are so glad she did.  Having just moved here from Oregon, she got to meet some wonderful women and to update her style from the outbacks of Oregon! Now she’s ready for city life!

Rose was our Senior member of the show at 77!! You would never know it.  She is truly an original Fashionista.  There isn’t any style that was too “young” for Rose.  If styled properly, anything can be “age appropriate.”  Who made up that term anyway?  Rose sets her own rules, and she does a great job.  The next day was Mother’s Day and her Birthday.  What a great present to herself showing up and showing everybody that “It’s never too late”

This is Eileen, an original Fashion Over Fifty model. Her stunning black tuxedo jumpsuit with a cream blouse and the right accessories were just her style. And she got to purchase the jumpsuit, on sale, for almost nothing!!  She knows what she will be wearing next New Years Eve!
Peggy is another Fashion Over Fifty original model.  She is back this time looking very elegant in this gorgeous evening gown. And for those women who feel uncomfortable showing their arms she is wearing a lovely sheer wrap, that takes nothing away from the dress.  Peggy you are always welcome at Fashion Over Fifty
Our concept of the age “75” is blown away by Minne in this sexy evening gown. Gone are the words “Age Appropriate”.  If styled correctly, anything goes.  Minne refuses to be invisible
at any age.  Smashing!!
At 71, most people would say, “Oh, you have to wear sleeves to cover your arms”.  However, we say nothing could be more chic than this sleeveless black formal dress. And the perfect touch are 
those large mabe pearls.  Pure sophistication.
No matter what your age, you have to find a style that works for you. Some women don’t find it in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.
However, as you know, our  favorite motto at Fashion Over Fifty is: “It’s never too late.”  Paula has definitely found her style in these lovely outfits and you can tell how great she feels in them, just look at her gorgeous smile.

Donatella breaks another stereotype of women Over Fifty. First, she is a yoga teacher in her late 50’s.  Not only is she fit, but she looks amazing in leggings and without the blousey top covering her upper thighs!! Second, how sexy does she look in this low cut sexy evening gown? Have you seen those Magazines that do Features like “Fashion at Every Age”?  They should take a look at these ladies and learn a thing or two.

Debra is another original Fashion Over Fifty model, and you could say that she has more confidence now!! As she likes to say, she is a ham sandwich without the bread. Working this lovely white evening gown to the max.
Debbie started out thinking that this would be just a simple exercise of walking down the runway, only to find how challenging and exhilarating an experience this would be.  She was a fast learner though, as she looks very “modelesque”, not to mention beautiful.
Cathy modeled when she was younger, and was so excited to do this show because she is thinking of returning to modeling. As you can see in these photos, we think she can make it as a model, no matter what age.  Good for her that she sees no limitations due to age.
Deb is the perfect example that “50 is the new 30”. The baby of the group at Fifty, Deb shows that if you take good care of yourself when you are young; that you eat right and exercise; Fifty ain’t nothin’. Deb feels like she is just hitting her stride at this age, and she certainly looks like it too. Turning Fifty has great things to offer.  Why does society freak out all of the women?  Not necessary, especially in this case