Fashion Over Fifty’s first makeover with Rosalie was such a great experience for both of us. Rosalie recently moved from Alaska to Southern California, what a switch!! She has been letting her hair grow out for the past few years because she always had short hair.  She was very excited  because she had been wanting to do something with her hair for a while.   Meeting with the stylist Alison, who works out of her house, Rosalie looks a bit nervous.

The first step, the hair makeover, was amazing. Alison Sassoon did such a fabulous job on Rosalie’s hair.  It’s amazing what a little color and cut can do for someone.  It almost changes their entire demeanor

Rosalie is beautiful to begin with.. She has gorgeous blue eyes and the perfect oval face. Not only that, she is a really nice person. We spent a lot of time together and I got to know her pretty well. See how much younger she looks just with  a little cut and color!!  You see ladies, it really doesn’t take much.  Just bravery!!

Senna Cosmetics in Tarzana, Ca. offered to do Rosalie’s makeup and gave her the VIP package.  Her makeup artist, Jennifer, gave us some great tips on how to apply makeup for Over Fifty women. And Rosalie certainly looked like a VIP when they were done!!

Straight from the makeup studio, we went to this great boutique in Woodland Hills, Ca, called Jackeez and Nicolz located at 20000 Ventura Blvd.  This is the 2nd fashion show for the store that I have helped produce and what a better way to help style Rosalie, than for a fashion show.  There wasn’t enough time for real runway training, but the models did great.  Just having a smile on their faces was a home run!! Looking at Rosalie, just “WOW”. Just “WOW” Rosalie!! Rosalie really stepped outside of her comfort zone with this outfit, and she looks phenomenal. Does this knock your socks off or what?

The next outfit Rosalie modeled was a great pair of leggings and a cold shoulder blouse.The blouse was a longer length, and being black, was very slenderizing. Rosalie was impressed with these leggings because we were told  ponte knit can be washed over and over and never lose the color or shape.

This is Jackie, the owner of this wonderful boutique.  Jackie is clearly another visionary having her customers and women Over Fifty as models. This is her second show and she told me how many women wanted to be in the show the second time. Isn’t that wonderful?  Women wanting to be visible, and what a good time they had.

What a great experience for both of us.  Not only did we bond over being women Over Fifty with children and life issues, but we had fun. It was so exciting for me too, to watch such a great transformation, and see a woman Over Fifty step out of her comfort zone!! That’s the only place we grow and I hope this inspires other women to step outside the box as well.

Rosalie and I will forever be connected through this experience. Thanks Rosalie for giving me the honor and trusting me to help do a “makeover”. I hope other women are inspired by how little it takes to look better without going to great measures.  After all, when you look better, you feel better.