Master Tao Porchon-Lynch is a yoga master, ballroom dancer, oenophile (lover of wine)  former actress, and, without a doubt, my favorite model/person/woman/yogi in the whole world. Tao surprised me last year and showed up for a shoot in a gorgeous red dress in New York City’s Central Park, shortly before she officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records, as the oldest living yoga teacher. The following 16 images are from three separate shoots over the last year and a half. Each time, Tao wore a different color. She is turning 95 today, August 13. And I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and show her off to you. I could go on and on about what an inspiring, bright & joyful human being she is, but my job is to tell peoples stories with images. And so, here’s a few from our last three shoots, all taking place at different locations around New England. Yoga is a dance within…and then something inside you grows so big, it spills out like champagne, that’s when you dance on the outside.” ~ Tao Porchon-Lynch “Autumn is a reminder that while the leaves die and fall,  there will always be Spring, a chance to replenish and be reborn again. We all have the opportunity to replenish ourselves, to be reborn.” ~ Tao at 94. “I never say goodbye, I say, “au-revoir.”  Goodbye is so final. Au-revoir means I will see you again.” ~ Tao Porchon-Lynch