Communication Apps – Skype

Many of us have family and friends spread all over the world. If this sounds like you, give Skype a shot! It’s an amazing free online service that you can use to talk with people via computer or Smartphone or tablet PC, from anywhere in the world. Skype uses audio (voice) chat, webcam chat, or text chat so you can easily exchange photos and documents (if you’re using it for work) or just chat with your far-flung family members.

Personal Safety Apps – 5 Star Urgent Response

If you live alone  or have aging parents who are still living in their own homes. If you or a loved one is concerned about being able to quickly get help in case of an emergency, accident or illness, there are apps available that can quickly connect you to emergency help and communicate your medical information to first responders. iPhone users can check out the 5Star Urgent Response Personal Safety & Emergency Help App (with GPS Locator). Or go to your app marketplace and search for “personal safety apps.”

Fitness Apps for Women – Endomondo, MyFitnessPal and Others

There are many apps that make it easier to stay in good shape, whether that means counting calories, tracking your latest running times, or keeping track of how far you’ve ridden your bike. Some new examples are: Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, etc. Many fitness apps make it possible to share your progress via social media (for example, you can post your latest run times to Facebook to show people how well you’re doing – and including this social component can help motivate you to stick with your workout routine). This article in PC World has some great ideas for Fitness Apps – check it out and give some thought to which apps are right for you.

Personal Organizer Apps – Awesome Note

If you’re looking to simplify your life, “there’s an app for that.” There are many apps that give you powerful tools for writing better to-do lists, taking notes, and remembering how/where/when you need to be at certain places or get certain things done. One of the top-rated personal organizer apps is Awesome Note, which helps create well-organized notes and to-do lists combined – in a way that works with Google.

Cooking Apps – Dinner Spinner

I hesitated to include this on the list, because so often, “apps for women” are assumed to only be about shopping and cooking. And cooking is not just a woman’s responsibility! But after all, we do need to eat – and there are many great apps out there to help us cook better meals and have more organized shopping trips. One of the best-rated cooking apps is Dinner Spinner, which helps you search for recipes online based on the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Save time, avoid wasting food, do more efficient grocery shopping, and enjoy healthier, more delicious meals all with this one app.

Shopping Apps – Amazon Price Check and Others

OK, fine – we’ll include a few shopping apps too. But not because “all women love to shop and that’s all that we like to do,” but because there are wonderful tools online to help save money and make your shopping trips more efficient, better organized and better informed. One of the most popular shopping apps is Amazon Price Check (available for iPhone and Android). If you don’t have this on your phone yet, you should really check it out. Amazon Price Check lets you easily compare prices of almost any item you find at a retail store with the price of the item on Amazon. You can often find the best deals this way. Here is a great article on other top shopping apps that can help you save money on everything from clothes to restaurant meals.