About 20 years ago, I discovered hair extensions.  My hair never grew past a certain point and I always wanted long hair.  Back then, to put in a full head of extensions took about 5-7 hours depending on who did them. I went to a store in LA on Wilshire Blvd. called His and Hers. The hair was actually real hair and they had every color and texture you could imagine.  They also had stylists who would put them in. The first step involved braiding your entire head of hair in little braids that were tacked to your head in a circle.  That took about 2-3 hours, and it was painful.  Then the stylist would actually sewed the extensions with a needle and thread on to your head where the braids had been placed. Many celebrities went there and I was awakened to the fact that they could sew an entire new head of hair on to anyone.  What an eye opener. hair-back-1 hair-1Extensions have come a long way in the last 20 years.  If you have lost hair on your head, you can just  add small pieces of extensions that your hairdresser can either glue or tape in. You  need to replace these every 6 weeks so and the cost adds up because you also have to buy the hair. The other day I was roaming about the store Soft Surroundings located in their home of St. Louis and I stumbled upon these pony tails hanging on a rack.  They came in 4 different colors; reddish, blondish, brown, and gray.   hair1   hair-3 Lo and behold these were a new product from Christie Brinkley. Who better to help us defy age than the expert in age defiance herself, Christie Brinkley.  What a brilliant idea I thought.  Then, there was even a video to demonstrate how to put the pony tails in, and it looked really easy. hair-1-6   Also in the video was a demonstration of another product that I hadn’t yet seen.  It was an entire row of extensions that you could also put in yourself.  Genius!!  They come on the long side, but if you take this row of extensions to your hairdresser he or she can easily cut them to blend in with your own hair. The best part of all is cost.  The pony tail is $39.99 and the row of extensions is $49.00. The blondish one blended in enough with my own hair that is highlighted that I of course had to buy it to share with YOU!!! Here it is in the photo below. hair-1-8 The first thing you need to do is decide where you want the row.  I picked the middle of my head.  The kit comes with these 2 clips so no problem.  hair-1-1 Then you start on one side of your head.  You insert the comb and then, it takes 2 hands, you press the clip together and it is in place. You may need to practice several times to get it right, but it is really easy once you get the hang of it. hair-right-side-1 I could have made it look smoother if I really had been careful, but I was doing this for purposes of demonstrating to you.  Even with it being slightly bumpy, once you put the rest of your hair down, you can’t even see.  Nonetheless, I would recommend taking your time and making it smooth. hair-1-3 You do the same thing with the middle clip and then the same thing with the left clip until it is clipped snuggly to your head. It may take you about 20 minutes the first time just to get used to doing it.  But after that it is very easy.  You can even ask your girlfriend or husband to help you with it. hair-1-5 And then, VOILA!! There you have it.  It such a good match, you can’t even tell it is in!! But it certainly does give me a fuller head of hair. I would need to take it to my hairdresser and have her blend the length of the extension into the length of my real hair, but easy to do.  Once that is done, you can go out feel like a new person, or at least a person with more hair.  That has to help you feel a bit better, don’t you think.  Especially as we tend to lose our hair as we get older.  Unfortunately, I need it for my front hair line due to low thyroid. It has never really come back like it was.  But, I am thinking very seriously about how I make that better too. So, keep posted, I may just surprise you with a new invention!! hair-1-4 Go out and enjoy!!