Reimagine Your Life

In a rut? Feeling stuck? 6 steps to help you make a change in your life

by Richard J. Leider and Alan M. Webber, AARP The Magazine, October/November 2013

We are all participants in one of the most significant social movements of our time: We’re creating a new phase of life.For many it happens at midlife, but in fact a Life Reimagined that  moment can come at any age. It renders obsolete the myths and conventions of the past 50 years — the old story that has defined our trajectory and constrained our choices for the second half of life.

In place of that old route (and rut!), we are paving a more dynamic and exciting path: We are living longer, and staying healthier, than any generation before. Whether by choice or by financial necessity, we are continuing to work long past traditional retirement age. And, most important, we are yearning — as we have since our youth — to find meaning and purpose in our lives.
As pioneers in this new life stage, we are seeking out new possibilities. For some of us, this means delving into favorite hobbies, interests or volunteer gigs. For others, it entails going back to school or traveling to far-off destinations. And for others still, it means starting a business or embarking on a dream career.
But for all of us, it involves looking ahead and asking ourselves, “What’s next?” Life Reimagined has identified six guideposts you can use to help you answer that question and navigate the years ahead.

Explore: Open yourself to the unknown

Choose: Whittle down your options

Act: Make your possibilities real by taking action

Repack: What’s essential for the road ahead?

Reflect: What’s real for you?

Connect: Convene a feedback panel

If this article strikes a chord in you, I highly suggest you read the entire article, it is well worth it!!