It couldn’t be a more perfect day in Los Angeles for a wedding. Even more perfect to see my niece marry her wonderful husband. It seems like yesterday that she was 3 years old and a flower girl in my wedding;  yet, here she is getting married. It is landmarks like these that help you realize how quickly time flies, and that you MUST stop to smell the roses.

From  atop a hill in Hollywood, CA., my niece and her beloved had their ceremony that couldn’t have been warmer or in a more intimate environment.

They met in college while they were studying Architecture. New York was their next stop where both have been living and working.  So while all of our families have been spread out around the globe, here we were all together for a Happy Occasion.  The bride and groom.

The beautiful bridesmaids.

My father in law, my nieces grandfather, and my husband’s dad, was all the same person and he was sorely missed  His sister above is the last surviving sibling.  It’s hard to believe she is going to be Eighty!!


Cousins came from all over the World.  The two handsome young men above are my niece’s cousins from France.

A proud PaPa (PaPi), he is french, and my niece could not be more buoyant.

This is my niece’s other aunt, who came from France.  You can tell she is French by how beautiful and chic she is.

The groom’s mom and a friend of the family. A better mother in law you will never find. This woman is a gem.

The “other” Aunt from the groom’s side looking chic as well

I was there too wearing a KaufmanFranco dress.

I have watched my little flower girl in the Nutcracker at least 6 times. She has blossomed from a beautiful little girl into a gorgeous woman.  How did this happen so fast? Wishing the Bride and Groom nothing but happiness and a lifetime filled with love.

Wendy Xox