What am I missing?

The “baby-boomers” are the LARGEST demographic alive today.BABYBOOMERS CONSTITUTE: “26 Percent of the Population, 40 Percent of the Economy” (by BILL NESS, MAY 7, 2012  Baby Boomers grew up during periods of dramatic social change and they are often known as being a generation of trendsetters. Yet Baby Boomers obviously don’t realize that they are the single largest economic group in the United States. They have more discretionary income and their spending habits greatly affect the changing economy. According to Baby Boomer Magazine, the Baby Boomer generation currently has more discretionary income than any other age group. They control most of the net worth of American households and they account for 40 percent of total consumer demand. Okay, so what am I missing? We comprise 1/4 of the population and we spend 40% of all money spent.  Why are there NO clothes for women over 50? Okay there is Eileen Fischer if you want to look like a BAG!! I guess there is also Chico’s which basically looks like we never gave away our “hippie” clothes, and we refuse to accept anything modern.  What are designers thinking? There is a HUGE demographic of women out there over 50 who can afford more for their clothes, yet it remains practically impossible to find anything fashionable.  Fashion magazines have graciously added features on to the “Look Good at Any Age” for 50 and 60 year olds. However, even then, the outfits that are selected look ridiculous. The models on the runway have skirts above their knees; bare legs; dresses with no sleeves, and basically maybe one or two other items “toned down”, like a very conservative purse or scarf. This is to remind you that although you are wearing clothes that are too young for you, you are still OLD!! Come on. Not many women can wear a skirt above the knee after 55, unless they get them lifted.  And,  no stockings ?? Who doesn’t have spider veins or some other flaws on their legs?  I get it, forget about looking fashionable, just spend your money on plastic surgery; like Demi Moore who had her knees “lifted” and God knows how many laser treatments to get rid of the spider veins and hyper-pigmentation. Let’s face it, using self-tanning on the legs in the middle of winter looks ridiculous!! Princess Kate, the most tasteful and chic dresser alive today, wore stockings while touring across the world.  Not only is it practical, it also looks so much more refined. Who started this “bare legged” trend anyway? Plastic surgeons no doubt. If you can wear a sleeveless dress after 55 you are either anorexic or related to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or maybe you have recently had the ultrasonic fat-melting procedure that I recently saw on Dr. Oz. (I am definitely considering that one because it ranges from 200.00-300.00 dollars a session and results were seen instantaneously, really.) Not to say that we should never go sleeveless, but it should be considered VERY carefully and get the opinion of two really GOOD friends!!! Heaven forbid you live past 70. The Magazines have given up on you. If you go on a cruise don’t even consider wearing a bathing suit. The National Geographic will have a field day with your cellulite. I guess you just have to go swimming with your clothes on.  Forget shorts too. On the safari to Africa, you must sweat to death in pants because there are no tasteful shorts, skorts, or gauchos anywhere. Basically, you should just give up on having fun unless you plan on wearing your Eileen Fischer or Chico’s clothing. I say that we as Baby Boomers should PROTEST!!!! After all, we outnumber the other generations, we have more money and more clout. I say don’t shop at Dior, Ungaro, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, or at any other designer’s salons until they come out with decent clothes for us “old folk”. (I have to admit, I do think Armani designs are suitable for almost all ages and the quality is for the most part outstanding). Unless all of the women from Abu Dabbi can keep them in business (which may be true), let’s see what a boycott will do to them!!

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Stephany Noirin 07/15/2013 12:38pm Merci beaucoup! Great article! I am 64 and feel the same way! Are you working wih fashion magazines? I think this must be published in French too! Reply by Wendy Merci Beaucoup aussi!! I have suggested the idea to someone I know from a big Magazine Publishing House, but they said there was no interest. If I could self-publish, I would because the things that magazines recommend for over the 50+ are ridiculous. I am blogging about that tonight. If you have any good ideas, let me know. I will be glad to include you in my blog!! Thanks so much, Wendy Sue Meltzer 08/22/2013 9:05am Great article … So many truisms. Hard to shop these days!