Ever Since Beaute Laboutin, by Christian Laboutin, released his new lipstick a few years back, I have been a huge fan. The colors are rich and lush, and the cases in which they come are elegant.. The minute I received it, I started designing how I wanted the post to look.  It needed to be sophisticated and reminiscent of opulent days because the case is so opulent. I stayed up until 2 am moving everything in my bathroom around. This was one of the setups. I really wanted to use this one, but I thought maybe it is too busy. As a woman Over Fifty, it really needed to be elegant.

Ultimately, however, I chose the one below.  I think it is simpler and makes an elegant statement. As a women Over fifty, it seems to me that the younger generations are not intrigued with crystal like Baccarat or ceramics like Limoges.  It is very sad to me because I would hate to see these historic arts die out.  Because I love these arts, I designed it to highlight the artisanship of  the crystal perfume bottle and the lipstick case. The case in itself is a period piece created in an Arte Deco style. it is shaped like a talisman or amulet, and the cap has intricate detailing in the Arte Deco style.

The lipstick and its case also inspired me to find my tuxedo jacket and shirt!! A lipstick by Christian Labouin’s Beaute Laboutin calls for nothing less.. This is an outtake where my dog wanted to photobomb the picture.  He is a black and white Cocker Spaniel, so he matched perfectly with the tux, but I couldn’t figure a way how to include him!! Darn.

One post to feature this beautiful lipstick by Beate Laboutin, was not going to be enough. So I decided to make it like a story for Instagram.  I decided on 4 photos; one of the perfume tray; one of me putting it on; another of me against a white, black and red painting, closeup; and lastly a full scene shot of me and the black white and red painting.  Here I am obviously applying it.

To demonstrate the versatility of this object d’art, I am wearing it also as a necklace,  It comes with a sheer rope necklace just for that purpose.  This way, you never have to go searching for your lipstick at the bottom of your purse. In this closeup, you can see how lush the lipstick is. The color is very rich and it surprisingly lasted most of the night.

Finally, since this Beaute Laboutin lipstick inspired my artistic creativity, here is the full shot of the background, which blends perfectly with the tuxedo, red lipstick, and black amulet around my neck. All in all, this was such a fun project.  I think I am an old soul from the renaissance period because pieces like this Beaute Laboutin made me want to go out and shoot against an Arte Deco background.  Except, that is hard to find!! I had so much fun putting this together.  I want to thank Christian Laboutin’s Beaute Laboutin for giving me this over the top fun opportunity.