Vogue August 2013

60-Something Director’s Cut Marc Jacobs Starry Night Coat with Fox Collar

Bazaar August 2013

What 60 year old would be caught dead in these?

  Obviously No One is Thinking, or They Just Don’t Care.  If we analyze these outfits, it looks like they were thrown together at the last minute just so they could put something in for the 60 and 70 year olds.  At least they are trying, but how many fashion victims they are creating, it’s nuts!!  Let’s analyze these: For the Women in their 60’s from BAZAAR the red Dior coat is actually beautiful.  If the designers/editors had taken the time to dress the model appropriately and remove that silly dress from underneath, the coat would have been stunning and perfect for someone in their 60’s.  The color is beautiful and the style is very sophisticated. (Furthermore, again my pet peeve, the model is not wearing stockings. Very few people over 60 can get away with this, and besides, it looks like it would be cold enough outside wearing this coat, that her legs would be freezing.)  And, how short is that dress underneath?  It is shorter than most minis and I would hesitate to even put it in the category of women in their 40’s let alone 60’s!!! That is a big faux-pas. It shows very little fashion sense. Next, the photo of Danielle Steele is pathetic. Could she look any drabbier? If I were her, I would be really angry that Bazaar used this photo of me.  If this is supposed to be an inspiration to women in their 60’s, I think Bazaar should just not add it . Either they think and take time to really care about what they post for women in their 60’s, or just forget it.  And, it’s hard to tell what the Prabal Gurung sweater really looks like, but it looks like a cheerleading outfit to me.  Not appropriate for ANY age. Let’s analyze the column for the Women in their 70’s +.  I guess that if you live to 80, no one really cares what you look like, so just give up.  I say, HARDLY. Women should never give up about how they look, no matter what age.  Self-respect and dignity are important at every age and perhaps even more important as a woman reaches 80, 90 or 100. The outfit by the Row on the model is dreadful.  It looks terrible on the model who is probably in her 20’s.  It is boxy, too long, unflattering, and the asymmetry in the skirt would be entirely wrong for someone in their 70’s.  Who decided to put those ugly sandals with that long skirt?  Someone in their 70’s would want clothes that elongate them, not make them look shorter, as I am sure many women at this age will be losing some of their height.  Again, this outfit is a nightmare. It looks like absolutely NO thought went in to putting it together.  Again, who are the women that can afford these clothes? I don’t think many 20-30 somethings can afford these designer duds, so why aren’t they targeting this audience more appropriately?  It makes no sense and it is INSULTING!!!  I will give them credit for including a lovely picture of Lee Radziwill who looks stylish and gorgeous,for any age. NEXT: The Outfit in Vogue for the 60 Year Old Why doesn’t anyone care how ridiculous these women look, at any age? The Marc Jacobs Starry Night Coat with Fox Collar would take a very tall woman to carry it off, and even then, it is really busy.  It is hard to imagine how a 60 year old could or would even want to handle this coat, but with that busy skirt, the entire outifit looks atrocious.  Why can’t they make the models look a little bit more appropriate, also? The hairstyle, the big white bow, and those silly flats add up to one terrible outfit.  Is this meant to insult women in their 60’s?  Is it meant to say that “you are so old it doesn’t matter what you wear”? Or, is it meant to say that “when you get that old, you better dress with some real FLASH to counter your age”? What are these editors/designers thinking?  Why don’t they hire someone in their upper 50’s or 60’s to give them a little advice?Better yet, why can’t they get older models to model these clothes? These clothes make me so mad.  What kind of inspiration is this for getting older.  Everyone is going to get there one day, hopefully. Why can’t they add some class, some thought, and some caring to what they publish?  This would be good for everyone.  Not only the women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond, but it would allow the younger generation to have respect for this age group. It would help them have less fear about being “over the hill”. Some women will live 20, 30. 40 or 50 years after they turn 50. This culture needs to CHANGE. We need to help these women feel good about their age, and not try and make them look like they are still young.