Ingenious sellers have taken to the road. In Trucks brightly colored with cool graphics and catchy names, they head off tweeting when and where they will be going.Instead, of selling tacos or grilled cheese sandwiches, however, they are selling fashion. Instead of fast food maybe you could call it fast fashion!! What a creative way to bring fashion to the customer.

There are now a slew of these trucks and they have gotten together to frequently meet on campuses! On two Saturdays in April there was an event at Cal State Long Beach cutely named “Springchella” where  several of the traveling fashion mobiles set up shop. On Saturdays there are various other locations where they can also meet, such as at: The Melrose Trading Post, the Downtown L.A. Art Walk, and the annual Malipalooza in Malibu. Owners of “Le Fashion Truck”, Stacey Steffe and Jeanisn Romo have heard that the trend is growing worldwide. So far, they’ve heard of trucks in Europe and Africa!!
Steffe and Romo, two great entrepreneurs, formed the American Mobile Retail Association offering consulting services and business seminars. Today, there are about 300 fashion truck owners who are members of the association. President of the California Fashion Association, Ilse Mechek, agrees that fashion trucks are the newest trend, thanks to the ability to retrofit the trucks so creatively.
One thing is for sure, these ingenious entrepreneurs are saving a ton of overhead not having to pay for rent. Let’s just hope the price of gasoline doesn’t get too much higher!!